Advisory Boutique on Unregulated Real Estate Investments


Specialized in identification,

rehabilitation and management 

of properties located in Portugal 





Matching the requirements of the investor with the properties available on public and non-public.


Arranging visits to the properties and assisting on rating the properties.


Advising on renting and selling options.


Managing the relations with architects, engineers, public authorities, banks, and building construction companies. 



Higher returns

Portugal and especially the capital of Lisbon is very interesting in the field of real estate investments. There are many opportunities related to the properties located in central location and with the need of renovation. The targeted returns for well managed rehabilitation project are between 20 to 40 percent.

Rental incomes

Investment to the property in Lisbon is a good opportunity in a sense of renting as well. Average rental incomes are 5-8% p.a in monthly renting and potentially much more in short term renting for tourists.

Non habitual tax regime

This regime was created by the Portuguese parliament to stimulate European Union Residents to enjoy to live in Portugal. It covers the tax aspect specially of retired persons. Aburei helps you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Golden Visa

Portuguese Golden Visa is an interesting alternative for persons outside of EU who would like to have authorization to access to Schengen area for a period of five (5) years. After that, investor can apply the Portuguese citizenship. During the five years the investor needs to stay in Portugal only 14 days per year. 


Investor can apply to Golden Visa when investing more than 500.000€ to real estates in Portugal. In the cases where the assets were constructed over 30 years ago or they are located in rehabilitation areas, the investment needed is 350.000€. The Golden Visa of investor includes also the family meaning spouse and children under 18 years old.

Good place to live

Portugal has got several international references in terms of education from primary to post doctors. Education can be also in English. People in Portugal are friendly and open-minded towards foreign. Lisbon is very international capital, but also safe and affordable.The environment is clean and biodiversity and traffic intensity is proportional low. The location of Portugal is central when travelling between different continents. There are many opportunities for leisure such as surfing where Portugal is widely regocnised to be one of the best locations in the world. The food and beverage is also recognised excellent.


Superior climate

Lisbon is one of the sunniest places in Europe. Lisbon gets 3023 hours of sunshine per year and on average it means 9-12 hours of sun per day during the summer. Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe with a maritime climate. You can find mountains, forest, magnificient coast line, rivers and fields. 

Portugal benefits from belonging to several platforms that allow investors to feel comfortable about the future of the country regardless the specific historical moment. In political terms Portugal belongs to EU which is on process of “merging” with USA through the TTIP. The merging includes strong coordination in monetary policy, economic policy and security (through NATO) to mention only the major aspects.


An investor with equity willing to diversify its investment´s portfolio should consider study the Portuguese market in real estate. There are specific opportunities (villas, apartments, palaces, plots for building, buildings for industrial and commercial use) to take advantage of mainly in Lisbon and Algarve but also in other parts in Portugal. Our specialized team is ready to arrange a meeting and organize a guided visit to explore portuguse properties.


Information about Portugal can be found through following links: 1, 2





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