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We reinforce SMEs
We assist SMEs on
capital allocation
We reinforce the internationalization of SMEs by assisting them in finding distribution channels, clients and investors. We work globally through our selected business developer and partner networks. We prefer companies with existing market presence and high growth potential. We work without fixed fees. When we get results for the company we share the results with the company.

We believe in teams and we see the local presence crucial when SMEs are entering new markets. We have build up an international network of select Business Developers and we are constantly expanding our relational capital. This relational capital is the core of Acceleteam´s business and it enables us to work effectively in several markets. We are present in Nordic countries, Russia, Brazil, China, India, USA, several African countries and mediterrenean areas. The international board of Acceleteam is based in Finland.



William Ruthin katu 3, 48600 Kotka, FINLAND

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